The Numinous Network
The Numinous Network
Carmen Spagnola

Welcome to The Numinous Network

Coregulation for collective wellbeing.

Membership Benefits

• 3-4 drop-in sessions of group somatic practice per week

• 30+ live events each month 

• 12 on-demand video courses  

• Access to The Safe & Sound Protocol, plus Office Hours to guide you

• A library of quick on-demand somatic practice videos

• Sensitive Systems + Long Covid Connection Calls for folks with dysautonomia, autoimmune disorder, episodic or chronic illness and disability, sensory processing challenges – all sensitive nervous systems welcome! Plus, a private group space for resource sharing, witnessing, and mutual support

• Private BIPOC Sanctuary Space

• Peer Supervision Sessions for all types of therapeutic helpers (yes to midwives, doulas, astrologers, somatic coaches and tarot readers)

• Small Business support sessions for entrepreneurs working to dismantle capitalism while keeping a roof over their heads

• Monthly deep dives into Intuition Development

• A team of a dozen Guides and Hosts for exposure to a variety of teaching styles and approaches to self- and co-regulation

• Seasonal Wheel of the Year workshops 

• First in line when spots open up on my waitlist for 1:1 work and Mentorship

• No pressure around consistency of attendance or maintaining your membership over the longterm – members are encouraged to come and go as they need, are welcome to join and binge like Netflix as they have capacity and financial ability. We hope you'll return whenever and as often as you need. We do not weaponize attachment or employ coercive sales tactics.

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Easy self-serve cancellation at any time.